Our Involvements

As a Family

We love to let people have a glimpse into a family setting, with a husband and a wife, who are real and going through day-to-day living, opening their hearts to the support of the Father, creating a safe place for children to grow up and discover who they are in their own individual identities. The area we live in (the Red Light District) is not known for being a place that promotes ‘family.’ We fully believe in including our children in any ministry opportunities that would be appropriate for them. They also have unique callings and a great influence at each stage of life.


Kompassion Team 

Desi ministers with the Kompassion team, teaching at many DTS’ (to young missionaries), as well as other gatherings, about healthy sexuality, often focussing on the topic of homosexuality. He addresses questions such as: How does God see this issue? What are some possible causes for this orientation? How can we personally walk through unwanted same-sex attraction? How can we walk with friends or family who have same-sex orientation? He has a short testimony published in a book by Dr. B*T Thomas called “Our Victorious Secrets (Are A “Secret” No More!).” He is also a board member with LinC (Living In Christ).

Weekly involvements can include things such as: speaking engagements, conferences, networking, prayer walks, intercession at the Tabernacle of the Nations, helping to facilitate a support group, and ministering one-on-one through mentorship.


Lighthouse Team 

Lisa is involved with the Lighthouse, ministering to those in the sex industry. She also ministers to the Roma Romanian ladies who’ve come to Amsterdam to busk on the streets, playing accordion to support their young families. Since they don’t have medical insurance, we are helping them to connect with Dutch society when they have medical concerns. We are praying and believing for a huge shift in their community from ongoing struggles such as poverty and hopelessness.

Weekly involvements can include things such as: one-on-one mentorship, evangelism to ladies working as prostitutes, ministering to the Roma ladies, and involvement in our children’s public school.